5 steps to get the most of your cloud strategy

Cloud-first strategy in business means that the company’s operating activities are based primarily on the cloud infrastructure, which is optimized in terms of its cost and power. In this article, we show you what KPIs any enterprise should pay attention to so that it is certain it utilizes the best approach to cloud technologies.

VMware by Broadcom: review of the main updates

Let’s look into the transformation, initiated by Broadcom, more closely.

Service Level Agreement at GigaCloud: what it is and why it matters

When you become a client at GigaCloud, you are given a Service Level Agreement to sign. SLA is a document defining the level of service which the provider is expected to maintain for its clients. 

Data centers: where we store your data at GigaCloud

Cloud is a partially virtual concept, and in order for it to function, one has to engage physical servers to run cloud capacities on. These servers and other equipment are stored in the data centers, specific buildings, catered to the needs of infrastructure maintenance. Their main function is to store and process critical business data.

Three misconceptions about the cloud and the shared responsibility model

The most common concept of working with cloud services is the shared responsibility model. In this article, we will look at the most common misconceptions about it.

Why transferring to a cloud improves the environment

The rapid development of information technologies increases the demand for electricity. Climate scientists warn that excessive consumption of fossil fuel energy and, as a result, its carbon footprint, will accelerate global warming and climate change. Although the data centres of cloud operators consume a huge amount of electricity, they are more environmentally friendly than any own data centres and server rooms in enterprises. How is that possible.

SLA 99,95%: what this means and what is the responsibility of the cloud operator

The success of cooperation between the customer and the service provider depends on a clear understanding of the capabilities of one and the expectations of the other. That is why it is customary to conclude a contract in the B2B market. However, complex technical services, such as renting cloud resources, are difficult to describe in a standard contract. Therefore, another document is signed – a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Cloud Native capabilities for business: advantages and disadvantages of the solution

The development of cloud technologies has shifted the priority from the question of “where services are deployed” to “how they are developed.” It became possible to create programs specifically for cloud environments, using the maximum advantages of specific platforms. This approach was called Cloud Native and became a forerunner of revolutionary changes in the development of IT infrastructure. Next, we will understand the features of the concept, what are the pros and cons of the approach, when it is appropriate and how to implement it.

Cloud Agnostic for Business: what are the features and benefits of the solution

Let’s consider what kind of concept it is, what are its pros and cons, and when you should choose Cloud Agnostic architecture.

How is GigaCloud revolutionising its private clouds and why does it matter

The cloud operator’s work does not end after building a private cloud and configuring it to meet the customer’s needs. The technical support service and the operations department monitor the events and indicators of the cloud. Specialists make the necessary changes, help customers deploy virtual infrastructures and, what is very important, they update the cloud.

Cloud pyramid: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS are cloud service delivery models. The way they relate to each other is often depicted as a pyramid with different levels of information control.

VDI for secure remote business operations

What is a virtual desktop(VDI), how does it work, and what value does it bring to businesses.

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