Public VMware-based cloud

  • Flexible scaling
  • Efficient financial management
  • VMware CSP Premier Partner
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IaaS service based on a VMware product stack for corporate and state institutions. The cloud is managed by the operator, while simultaneously used by many companies and private persons. The cloud has a convenient management system, represented by a self-service portal and an automated resource accounting system.

GigaCloud public cloud advantages


In a matter of minutes, the computing and network configurations can be quickly changed, upwards as well as downwards.

Reliability and fault-tolerance

TIER III and TIER IV compliant data centers. SLA is at 99.95%.

Billing system

GigaCloud has a fully automated billing system, transparent and fixed pricing for each component.

Information security

High level of cloud information security management, approved by certificates: PCI DSS, CSA STAR, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, VMware Cloud Service Provider Premier Tier Partner.

Why business needs a public cloud

The reality we live in forces business to develop rapidly, resulting in the following issues:


Equipment wears down, and it is hard to predict when it might fail.


DDоS-attacks, emergency shutdowns, IT-infrastructure failure.


Additional capacity is required, but the purchase of a new server could take up to several months.


The project/startup launch budget is limited.


Because of the highload during holidays or Black Friday, the servers are often crashing.


There are legal norms to abide by on how to protect data thoroughly.

Success Stories

Government Institutions
The Council of Europe Office in Ukraine
Bank for Investments and Savings

How a GigaCloud public cloud works

Hardware layer

Equipment provided by A-brands distributors. Last generation servers, databases stored in fast all-flash storages, with up to 20,000 IOPS speed.

Virtualization layer

Based on the leading VMware technologies.

Service layer

Based on a self-service VMware Cloud Director portal.

BaaS (ordered separately)

A backup copy of digital data created through Veeam tools, which is stored separately from the from the original one in the GigaCloud cloud repository.

DRaaS (ordered separately)

Creating replicas and restoring the system after an accident while using the VMware technologies.

License renting

We provide Cisco, Microsoft, Veeam licenses in accordance with a MSLA model.

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