Since 2022, the agricultural business has faced not only the weather challenges, but also logistical hardship, ports blockade, and power outages. Find out below how migration to the cloud helped one of the world’s agribusiness leaders conduct all financial operations in Ukraine on time.

Syngenta AG is a Swiss company, one of the leaders in the field of plant protection products and seeds manufacturing. The company offers ready-made protection systems and anti-resistant programs for various crops, develops and puts into production new agricultural equipment. The company employs 30,000 specialists in more than 90 countries. In 2001, the Ukrainian branch of Syngenta company was established.

Every third bottle of oil in the world is produced from Syngenta Ukraine hybrid seeds


Syngenta Ukraine had a hybrid IT-infrastructure. A part of services were hosted in the clouds of foreign operators. More critical ones, such as financial software and programs used for local accounting, were on their own server. It was comfortable enough.

With the beginning of massive russian shelling of the Ukrainian critical infrastructure, the office was left without electricity for a long time. In order to submit financial statements on time, experts had to work after hours and on weekends when electricity was available. It was necessary to constantly adapt to the schedule of outages, which significantly slowed the activity down. Then the company decided to move financial apps to the cloud.

4,400,000 tons of cotton are grown using Syngenta pesticides. This is 20 billion T-shirts and 3.6 billion jeans


Syngenta Ukraine specialists did not fully understand what the solution should be. But they knew for sure that they would migrate to the cloud of the Ukrainian operator, because they wanted to support the national project.

«I heard about GigaCloud a long time ago, and also visited the operator’s data center in Kyiv several times,» says Yehor Bugriy, Syngenta Ukraine CTO, «Choosing this particular company as an infrastructure partner was caused by its market reputation and recognition».

The customer’s technical team described their task, and the cloud operator experts selected the relevant infrastructure — an OpenStack-based public cloud. After trial, GigaCloud engineers configured the service, and Syngenta’s technical team migrated financial apps to the cloud. The migration was smooth and went unnoticed to employees.

Syngenta spends over $2M daily to develop new products and technologies


Since December 2022, Syngenta Ukraine has worked in the GigaCloud infrastructure. According to its CTO, Yegor Bugrii, the company experts are delighted with having entrusted their critical services to GigaCloud.

Besides, Yehor delineates various advantages of working in the cloud:

  • Fault tolerance. The cloud and the programs placed in it work precisely and do not depend on the power availability nor various force majeures.
  • Remote access. It was important for the company that financial programs work in the Ukrainian segment of the internet, because you can connect to them only from Ukrainian IPs.
  • Speed. Many workers have noticed a reduced delay in accessing applications compared to a local server.
  • Value for money. The cloud has an affordable price, and the company is satisfied with its capabilities and functionality.

«GigaCloud is very loyal to the customers, and we are grateful to its team for that,» says Yehor Bugriy, Syngenta Ukraine CTO, «Technical support specialists perform their work professionally and respond to our requests 24/7. And it is highly appreciated. After the war, we are not going back to our server, and in the future we might be hosting some more services in the GigaCloud cloud».