Does the company adhere to business ethics, is there any corruption booming there, and how does it treat its clients and employees? It all can be checked with the help of a specific software, Ethicontrol, hosted in the GigaCloud cloud. Here we list the advantages of this solution.

Ethicontrol is an international IT-company specializing in compliance, corporate security and integrity management. The company has over 100 projects carried out for organizations all over the world. It has offices in Tallinn, Berlin, Kraków, and Kyiv. Among its Ukrainian clients, there are Forbes-defined leaders and the largest state enterprises.

Ethicontrol is one of the first solutions on compliance and ethics in Ukraine

The company is a developer of the service with the same name, Ethicontrol, used for methodologically correct organization of ethics management processes (compliance, corporate security) within the organization. The service is aimed at detecting issues and helping to react to them in time and with precision.

‘Our service is foremost designed for large and medium businesses, interested in supporting the appropriate level of decency, willing to define and eliminate any offenses, including corruption, as well as to carry out internal check-ups in a more efficient way. The system guarantees the full anonymity for those appealing and the necessary tools for keeping in touch with them’, says Oleg Lagodienko, Ethicontrol Co-founder and CEO.

The service includes as follows:

  • Centralized registry for security incidents, compliance, and ethics.
  • Platform uniting Multilingual channels for anonymity and feedback with whistleblowers.
  • System of fast response to appeals and incidents.
  • System for documenting internal check-ups and investigations.

Ethicontrol as a SaaS

Ethicontrol offers two options for hosting one’s service: a package one and as a SaaS. In 99% of cases, the clients choose specifically SaaS, since it gives them more freedom to use the Ethicontrol service. As the company has clients in many countries, it offers various options for information storage. For this, the developer cooperates with the cloud providers and data centers worldwide.

For Ukrainian clients, the developer provides a SaaS solution based on the GigaCloud public cloud. It works this way: a client pays a subscription fee and utilizes the service as one wants. Ethicontrol is dealing with updates and technical support of the service, while GigaCloud provides the IT infrastructure operation.

‘Our service is certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, therefore it is important for us that the site being basis of its work is also certified with regard to international information security standards. This is crucial in deciding which cloud provider to work with. GigaCloud fully meets our security requirements’, says Oleg Lagodienko, Co-founder and CEO at Ethicontrol.

While we’re on the subject, GigaCloud is certified in conformity with ISO 27001, ISO 27701, CSIP and is in line with GDPR. For example, the companies that use Ethicontrol’s SaaS solution based on a cloud operator include SE «Medical Procurement of Ukraine», JSC «Ukreximbank» and many others.

Advantages of hosting in the cloud

Oleg Lagodienko, Ethicontrol Co-founder and CEO, defines the following advantages of using the Ethicontrol service based on the GigaCloud cloud for its clients:

  • It is possible to work with the service from any place at any time.
  • The critical data is reliably protected by duplicating to several servers. And GigaCloud is regularly subject to recertification on data protection.
  • A client gets a subscription-based ready-to-go service, without the hassle of maintaining or supporting it. These issues are all tackled by GigaCloud and Ethicontrol.
  • The service is available 24/7, the cloud provider guarantees the 99.95% SLA.

‘GigaCloud has a great quality-price ratio on the Ukrainian market. We trust the provider’s experts and are confident in our clients being satisfied with the service performance’, says Oleg Lagodienko, Ethicontrol Co-founder and CEO.