Medical information systems are designed to simplify the work of medical institutions, and the cloud, in turn, simplifies the work of these platforms. The ProMIS project picked GigaCloud to make the processes of connecting to the single Electronic Healthcare System of Ukraine as comfortable as possible. Let’s take a closer look into their experience of launching a new product.

ProMIS is a SaaS service for medical institutions in Ukraine that optimizes document flow: patient electronic medical records, reports, records of services provided, protocols, integration with labs, etc. The project was launched in the summer of 2023 and is one of the few medical information systems that has appeared on the Ukrainian market in the last few years. Its main advantages are: 24/7 customer support, a flexible protocol editor and the ability to adapt the system to various types of institutions, from public to private hospitals.

Healthcare automation

With the creation of an Electronic Healthcare System (EHS), medical institutions have the opportunity to automate their work as much as possible. This single system holds information on prescriptions and medical history, allows making doctor appointments, and even provides an option of digital consultations. However, this process is long and requires external support. Medical information systems (MIS) such as ProMIS satisfy this need.

In Ukraine, due to intense digital transformation, users got used to flexible services and quick response from developers, so for new players in the market these requirements are a must. The cloud can help with that — thanks to fault tolerance, processes acceleration, flexibility. Therefore, upon the final launch of ProMIS, after just 2 weeks of searching options, developers selected GigaCloud.

The advantages of a cloud MIS is that it provides doctors, reception, and patients with immediate access to the necessary data from any device that has an internet connection. At the same time, the medical institution does not need to buy its own server equipment or have its own IT department — all support is provided by the service developers.

How to choose a cloud for MIS

The main requirement for medical information systems is to obtain a certificate of compliance with the Complex system of information protection (CSIP), which is legally required in Ukraine for all projects involved in data processing. This certificate is not specified in the technical requirements for MIS as a necessary document, and it may come as a surprise to those new to the field that the servers, the application itself, and even the VPN must comply with the certificate. GigaCloud provides clouds with CSIP, so it is easier for the customer to get the appropriate certification thanks to this.

The cloud operator covers CSIP requirements, bringing the physical protection of servers, virtualization, backup of virtual machines, etc., into compliance with the established requirements. And the developer actually only has to take care of compliance with the norms of the software itself. By shifting part of the responsibility to the cloud provider, the client can pass certification faster and stay confident about the security of their data.

Another argument in favor of GigaCloud was the high-quality support service. The company had skills in working with foreign operators, and since the systems of Ukrainian providers are slightly different from international ones, there were a lot of questions during the migration: «The project manager at GigaCloud helped us a lot — the other providers we considered did not pay such full attention, the opportunity test deployment, the most convenient setting of services for the client», says Timur Dyadyushko, head of the ProMIS project.

In July, the system was fully deployed in the cloud, migrating all functionality and the database. A website with a detailed service description will also be posted here soon.

It is also important for medical systems to take care of confidentiality and reliability in the storage of patient data. Losing medical history or other sensitive information is unacceptable, so the cloud provider takes care of regularly updating security standards to prevent data leaks. In GigaCloud, we prove our reliability via compliance with GDPR and PCI DSS, SAP certification, CSA STAR, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701, certification according to CSIP. They confirm that the provider’s system is able to quickly detect security breaches and fight off cyberattacks.