Enterprise Cloud

A VMware-based Enterprise Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service computing resource rental service, granting access to IT resources to host services with monthly payment. It can be implemented as a classic Public cloud option or Dedicated cloud with separate hosts and disk groups.

  • possibility of quick scaling
  • maintenance ensured by the provider
  • cost efficiency
  • immediate access to the resources
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More about Enterprise Cloud

More about Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is designed specifically for the business of any kind and projects of any size, as it is accessible immediately upon order, ensures a quick scale-up of resources and is relatively more cost-effective compared to other services. The customer gets a pre-built IT infrastructure to deploy virtual machines, install software, configure applications, as well as run other services required for the company's operation.

The GigaCloud VMware-based Enterprise Cloud has the following architecture:

  • Physical layer: equipment of the IBX data centers with around 99.995% availability.
  • Hardware layer: hosts and data storage systems are based on Lenovo hardware. High-efficiency Intel Xeon Gold 6336Y/6354 processors are mounted on hosts. Additional hosts are used for reservation. The disks of data storage systems are combined into extra RAID arrays, which ensure fault-tolerance of the virtual machine data storage.
  • Virtualization layer: the Enterprise Cloud virtual infrastructure is built on the VMware vSphere solution.

Depending on the business needs, the customer can choose from 2 variations of Enterprise Cloud:

  • Public IaaS, with pricing for separate virtual resources (vCPU, RAM, Disk volume), virtual data centers not connected to a particular host and the hardware resources used together with other clients of the provider.
  • Dedicated IaaS, a hybrid public cloud design strategy where the client is granted sole use of the dedicated servers and disk groups, while the cloud management infrastructure for the entire cluster is shared.

Supplementary services


Backup as a Service, used for creating and securely storing backups of IT infrastructure in the cloud.



Creating replicas and restoring the system in Disaster Recovery as a Service is done with VMware and Veeam tools.



Graphics cards are available to order for high-performance computing in Dedicated IaaS. It is possible to install from 1 to 2 video cards on each host.


Possibility to operate container clusters with the help of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid through a Cloud Director plugin.

Enterprise Cloud Advantages

More time for the team

Public clouds allow organizations to offload routine tasks and focus on core business activities. This can help improve overall efficiency and spend less on maintenance.

Cost efficiency

Сonversion of capital costs for the equipment purchase into operating costs for the service rental. Business only pays for the resources used and doesn’t spend much on maintenance.


Public IaaS platforms enable businesses to quickly increase or decrease their resources on their own, in response to changing requirements. No need for upfront costs or long-term commitments.

High security and performance

Public IaaS offers all the necessary measures to protect the clients’ information, while Dedicated IaaS gives an even more improved solution due to added isolation.


Certificates and requirements

ISO/IEC 27001

International Standard for Information Security

ISO/IEC 27701

Privacy Information Management System

VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP)

GigaCloud is a Premier tier partner


Compliance with the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation


Cloud Security Alliance’s Security Trust Assurance and Risk certificate

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How to order an Enterprise Cloud

Reach out
Reach out

Leave a request below, our sales team will contact you to advise.

Audit and pre-estimate
Audit and pre-estimate

Prior to migrating the infrastructure into our cloud, we carry out an audit of all the requirements and calculate the virtual data center parameters.


The customer is allocated test resources to check how everything works.


You get your own account registered in the customer portal, conclude an agreement, pay and get your data migrated by an expert team.


Leave your requests and questions below, and we will contact you immediately to explain how an Enterprise cloud can improve your workflow and help your business grow.