Migration to the Cloud by GigaCloud

Migration of the hardware or software infrastructure to the GigaCloud cloud gives new possibilities for your business.

Our expertise allows you to choose the best migration approach depending on your individual requirements and technical features of the project. This way, you will get a better platform for IT-infrastructure development and scaling.

We will build a technological cloud to solve tasks of any complexity.

How it works

The GigaCloud experts have a vast experience of over 2,000 successful migrations and more than 15 Petabytes of data transferred to the cloud.

We delve deep into the project:

  • conduct a free audit
  • help to form requirements and specifications for cloud infrastructure
  • draw up a plan, do an ‘invisible’ and free migration
  • provide a free trial
  • optimize infrastructure in accordance with the test results
  • provide its best performance, maintenance, exploitation, and resource modernization.

You can be confident that all the components of your infrastructure will be transferred without loss or downtime: client services, databases, workstations etc.

Every client is a unique project, having his own specifics. That is why we select the most suitable way of migration.


Ways of migration depending on the task

Task 1. Migration of a virtual machine between the VMware platforms

We use Cloud Availability Director. It allows migrating VMs between infrastructures, for instance between a client and a GigaCloud cloud, or between different vDC located on various sites in the GigaCloud cloud. In specific cases, VMware HCX may be used.

Task 2. Migration of particular services with the Veeam Agent tool

We install the Veeam Agent, a reserve copy utility, on the guest OS, connect it to the Veeam Cloud Repository storage, create the necessary backup task. In the cloud, we create a new VM with an empty disk and restore the backup in it.

Task 3. Migration of particular services with the RSync software

We create a VM in the cloud, configure RSync on the client’s side and start synchronization. The receiving machine will then be an exact copy of the source machine.

Task 4. Virtual machine migration as OVF, VMX or VMDK file

This option is especially suitable for customers using VMware virtualization. For it, we use the OVF Tool, which supports standard export of virtual machines in the required format.

Task 5. Virtual machine migration from KVM, Hyper-V, etc. virtualization platforms to VMware

We perform VM migration using the vCenter Converter or Qemu-img tool, which convert virtual machines from one format into another. Suitable for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Task 6. Migration from hardware to the cloud

The easiest way to migrate in this case is with the help of a backup service, for example, that very Veeam Agent. A backup copy of data is created from the physical server, and then the copy is deployed in the GigaCloud cloud.


Advantages of migrating to the GigaCloud cloud infrastructure



Cloud IT infrastructure is more reliable than one’s own. High level of information security management in the cloud, confirmed by PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 certificates. GigaCloud undergoes recertification every year.



GigaCloud hosts its equipment in TIER III and TIER IV compliant data centers throughout the EU and has a data center agnostic approach overall. This reduces the number of single points of failure in the IT infrastructure.



The customer can independently increase or decrease the amount of technical resources suitable for business needs: during seasonal loads, promotions or test-out of a new service.



Technical support works for customers 24/7. Our specialists promptly respond to the client requests through the ticket system or by phone.



Instead of capital expenses to purchase and update physical IT equipment, monthly operating costs are planned.



Full maintenance of the equipment life cycle, configuration, and support of infrastructure software are the responsibility of GigaCloud specialists. The solution can be launched in a matter of minutes, and if the project does not “take off”, it can be quickly cut short with minimal budget loss.


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Selection process

Migration request
Migration request

Our manager will reach out to you to specify the details about your infrastructure.

Technical requirements audit and analysis
Technical requirements audit and analysis

Our engineer will carry out an in-depth analysis and pre-estimate the technical resources required for the work of your IT-infrastructure.

Migration and trial
Migration and trial

We will provide free support during the migration of your services to the cloud. Then you will be able to test it out for free and, when needed, to optimize the provided resources.

The cloud works — you use the service
The cloud works — you use the service

A full 24/7 technical support, SLA of 99.95%

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