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Private cloud is a physically isolated virtual infrastructure with exclusive access, increased productivity and security.

In terms of its functionality, the private cloud is in no way inferior to a data center. Unlike its capital-intensive data center (CapEx), renting resources in the cloud allows you to incur operating costs only (OpEx).

The PRO Cloud virtualization system can be based on OpenStack software with vendor support from Red Hat or on VMware technologies.

We offer five private cloud hosting options: in the EU (Atman data center, Warsaw), in Kyiv (GigaCenter and BeMobile data centers), in a data center in Lviv or on the customer's own data center.

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Why does a business need a private cloud?

Large online retailers, tender platforms, media groups, government agencies and other large companies often face the following problems:

  • a critically high level of information protection requirements, which is difficult to achieve on their own;
  • consistently high loads on the IT infrastructure;
  • there is a need for their own data center, but its construction takes a long time and requires a large investment;
  • a limited time to launch projects.

The private cloud is the only option that allows you to launch any project quickly, avoiding capital costs.

What is Pro Cloud?

GigaCloud's private cloud called PRO Cloud is a flexible constructor of physical resources: servers, data warehouses, network equipment. They are managed through a system of virtualization and orchestration.

Based on the customer's tasks, we can build a private PRO Cloud of two types:

  • On OpenStack solutions with vendor support - Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
  • Based on technologies from VMware, a leader in the proprietary solutions segment.

More details in the whitepaper

In the PRO Cloud private cloud, the customer receives his own secure and productive data center with ready-made virtualization. It can be:

  • connected to existing infrastructure;
  • integrated with the public cloud.

Our specialists configure the client's infrastructure, service it, perform data migration, run and modernize resources at all stages of the project.

Private cloud PRO Cloud is available for rent, which allows you to quickly launch projects without capital costs. Unlike its own data center, which needs to be built and maintained, the private cloud is immediately ready for operation. If a private cloud is not suitable for the client's tasks, it can be abandoned without additional obligations.

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How our private cloud is arranged, what are its hardware components, server clusters, storage systems, network equipment, what virtualization system is used, what additional services can be ordered, how data is protected, what are the terms of renting a private cloud, and how to use it - you can find out all of these by reading the complete documentation.

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Updating private clouds

Once the private cloud has been built and customized, the cloud operator's work does not end. GigaCloud's technical support and operation team keep track of cloud events and metrics. Specialists make necessary changes, help customers deploy virtual infrastructures and, importantly, keep the cloud up-to-date.

How we upgrade our private clouds >>>

Prozorro service case

The client wanted to build a second virtual data center for continuous activity and security of the system, connect two cloud platforms, and launch load balancing. We offered them a private cloud on the OpenStack virtualization platform. Thanks to the distribution of components between the two data centers, the ProZorro system has become more fault-tolerant.

More about the ProZorro case >>>

TC SAT service case

Two own data centres and a huge physical infrastructure - all of which the transport company SAT traded for the public cloud. Five years later, it scaled up to such an extent that it decided to migrate to a private cloud on GigaCloud's VMware platform. The company gained more resilience and saved money.

More about TC SAT case >>>


Advantages of a Private Cloud

A private cloud is a way to get resources and launch projects in weeks, not months, without overpayments.

Flexibility and productivity

High-performance and flexible IT infrastructure without single points of failure. The cloud operator is engaged in infrastructure optimization, maintenance, operation and modernization of resources.

Quick start

Launch of the project up to 4 weeks, without spending time on the choice of equipment, its purchase and delivery. At any time, the customer can request additional resources to scale the infrastructure.

​Increased security

The client's equipment is installed on a shielded rack in a separate room and is isolated from other users. The high level of information security management is confirmed by PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and IIPS (Integrated Information Protection System) certificates.

Reduction of TCO

Costs for equipment maintenance, consumables, electricity, organization of access control, royalties are borne by the cloud operator.


We audit the client's project free of charge, calculate the required amount of technical resources, and help to form the requirements for the cloud infrastructure. We also provide assistance in passing the IIPS (integrated information protection system) certification.


Our engineers have implemented more than a dozen of various projects and have vast expertise in cloud infrastructure issues. We have been collaborating with vendors Red Hat and VMware. We know how to build the perfect private cloud.

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