Cloud is a partially virtual concept, and in order for it to function, one has to engage physical servers to run cloud capacities on. These servers and other equipment are stored in the data centers, specific buildings, catered to the needs of infrastructure maintenance. Their main function is to store and process critical business data.

GigaCloud is basing its cloud solutions on 5 Tier III and Tier IV data centers in the EU. Learn more about them below. 

Data center requirements at GigaCloud

All of our data centers have these characteristics:

  • are compliant with the TIER III requirement
  • guarantee a 99.982% SLA, that is a maximum downtime of 95 minutes a year
  • have two or more power inputs from two different substations
  • have diesel generators that provide a minimum of 72 hours of operation even in case of complete blackout


Since 2017, GigaCloud has hosted equipment in the Atman data center located in Warsaw. It is the first data center in Europe to receive the EPI-DCOS certificate, which confirms the high availability of services. Atman is also ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. It matches the level of TIER III. This data center is also powered by renewable energy and optimizes the cost of electricity, which reaffirms its energy efficiency. 


GigaCloud has also partnered with Equinix, enabling us to provide cloud solutions based on the Equinix data center capacities. Equinix owns and operates a network of 250 International Business Exchange data centers located in 71 major metropolitan areas around the world to make interconnection easy. With a nearly perfect uptime of 99.9999%, Equinix has attained a vast amount of clients, including over 260 Fortune 500 Companies.

Other data centers within the EU

We do not limit our customers to hosting only within the data centers we can offer. Thanks to our data center agnostic approach, we can build our managed private clouds on the basis of a wide list of data centers in Europe. This option is usually discussed in detail during the consultation with our experts.

Our data centers in Ukraine

GigaCenter. Since 2016, GigaCloud has been hosting equipment in the GigaCenter data center in Kyiv. It is listed in the top 5 best commercial data centers of Ukraine. It has all the necessary certifications, required to run our cloud safely and smoothly. For instance, it is PCI DSS certified, allowing us to offer our cloud solutions to financial institutions. This data center is compliant with the TIER III level requirements.

BeMobile. Since 2016, GigaCloud has been hosting equipment in the TIER III BeMobile data center located in Kyiv. This is the largest data park in Ukraine, which is also PCI DSS certified.

Data center in Lviv. Due to safety reasons, we do not disclose the exact locations of all the data centers we employ in Ukraine. We ensure a geographically distributed network of data centers not just in Ukraine’s capital, but in other regions.