GigaCloud was invited to become a VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) Premier Partner in the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program.

After its acquisition by Broadcom, VMware’s partnership program shifted and became a by-invitation-only network. Only a limited number of previous partners were admitted to the new program, and GigaCloud is proud to meet the advanced requirements and be one of them.

The Premier tier of the VCSP status helps to provide white-label reseller programs, keep up our cloud services at the high level and make our expertise in the use of virtualization products enhanced, relevant and constantly updated.

«After the changes due to the VMware’s acquisition by Broadcom, many customers contacted us, as an expert team, to figure out new pricing and product lines. And we acted on their request by introducing new services, such as VMware Infrastructure Update, Audit, and Cost Optimization», says Artem Kokhanevych, GigaCloud CEO, «The VCSP Premier Partner status will help us maintain this high level of customers’ trust and reliability».

The partnership will provide us with a simplified billing system for VMware resources, as well as additional training of GigaCloud employees to work with the system, which for our customers mean even better and faster services for building cloud infrastructure.

Previously, GigaCloud also had a high status of VMware partnership — Principal Partner. All of our most popular services are built using these products: public cloud, Managed Private Cloud, BaaS, DRaaS, VDI, and more.

At our blog, you can find out more about the changes made to VMware, including new partnership program, products, subscription models etc.