GigaCloud became the first cloud operator to receive the status of CCSP partner (Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider) of Red Hat in Ukraine. This means that we will build all new solutions and clusters on the OpenStack platform with the support of Red Hat.

“The OpenStack PaaS platform appeared on the market of cloud solutions 10 years ago, but it has already managed to prove itself as a highly functional and reliable product,” says Kyrylo NaumenkoCTO of GigaCloud. “The platform works according to the constructor principle: the user selects the necessary modules and assembles a unique solution. OpenStack is an open platform and it has no vendor support. The system is maintained by specialists of the company that uses and administers it. Now we have the opportunity to build private and public clouds based on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and our customers can be even more calm, because there are Red Hat engineers behind the GigaCloud specialists.”

The Red Hat company has been engaged in the development, supply and support of industrial open source technologies since 1993, and it is part of IBM since 2018. Red Hat offers an extensive portfolio of Linux-based solutions, cloud solutions, and containerization, management and automation solutions that help the IT staff of the company save time and reduce unplanned downtime. According to research by Red Hat, 90% of companies in the enterprise segment use open source software. 87% of them consider it more secure than proprietary software.

“For GigaCloud, receiving CCSP status as a Red Hat partner is an important step forward,” says Artem KokhanevichCEO of GigaCloud. “Our specialists have access to the vendor’s knowledge base and infrastructure deployment best practices, and can contact official technical support. This will help build even more reliable and technological cloud projects for customers.”

GigaCloud customers will receive the following:

  • Stable enterprise PaaS solutions optimized for corporate use.
  • Safety and responsibility from a reliable partner.
  • Access to vendor technical support and documentation.
  • The flexibility characteristics of open source solutions.

“Red Hat’s enterprise-class software is used to build hybrid cloud architectures for customers around the world. Companies often use both on-premise solutions and public clouds in their work, and therefore businesses need a flexible, reliable and stable hybrid infrastructure that allows data and processes to be transferred to the cloud environment without loss in performance and security. We are glad that now we have a reliable partner in Ukraine with whom we can offer the market quality products that meet the needs of customers,” says Mustapha Hlil, Director, Channel and Red Hat & IBM synergy CEMEA (Central Eastern Europe, Middle East Africa).

GigaCloud technical specialists help to make the most comfortable, flexible and fast transition to cloud infrastructures that are built on the basis of OpenStack technologies. With the help of public and private cloud solutions, we ensure uninterrupted operation of critical services and business applications of customers. We will involve Red Hat specialists in the work on large-scale projects, which will allow us to develop reliable individual enterprise-class solutions.