GigaCloud, the cloud operator, headed the rating of Ukrainian companies providing IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services in 2022. The company confirmed the status of the Ukrainian cloud market, as previous year it also has taken the first place. This is stated in the Molfar agency’s research.

GigaCloud shared the first place with Tet Cloud by the sum of points. They are followed by De Novo, Tucha and Parkovyi («Парковий»).

How the research was conducted

In their research, Molfar took into account the following: time of response to the request and terms and conditions of the commercial offer, presence of security; client focus, soft skills, technical support and testing.

The research started in February 2022. In connection with Russia’s invasion, the research was ceased. In July 2022, the agency resumed analysing the indicators and completed the research.

In line with the legend, the agency employees addressed the operators on behalf of the IT company that was willing to open the R&D department with distant workers (5-10 persons). To optimize the workflow, the development was to be executed in the cloud environment. The researchers aimed to receive technical specifications and the test access to the service. The request has been sent to 17 companies providing IaaS services.

General result

Points were awarded in three categories: «The responce and the CO terms and conditions», «Terms of signing the agreement», «Technical part and testing». After total number of points, GigaCloud and Tet Cloud became the leaders of the IaaS market in Ukraine.

GigaCloud received the highest score in the category «Respond and the CO terms and conditions». We shared the top positions with the other companies in two categories. We took third place in the category «Time period of signing the agreement» and second place in the category «Technical part and testing».

Leaders and outsiders in the categories

GigaCloud gathered the biggest number of points in the category «Respond and the CO terms and conditions». We responded to the request and replied within a very short time. We also have a discounting and loyalty system envisaging deferment of payment if the situation so requires. We assure the user in the case of down time ― we reimburse 10% of the client service for every 30 minutes of idle waiting, maximum amount of reimbursement is monthly value of the service. And we also have the certificate for the personal data protection ISO 27701 and we comply with the GDPR requirements.

Volia, Adamant and Vodafone which responded to the request relatively promptly, but did not get points in the other categories became the outsiders.

In the category «Terms of signing the agreement» we gathered the highest scores in the «Payment methods» and «Agreement management flexibility». This allowed us to share third and second places in this category. Tet Cloud became the leader and Cosmonova and United-DC shared second place.

DataGroup, DataStore and Adamant which offer only the advanced fee option, without pay-as-you-go or post-payment options, and with only bank transfer as a payment method, scored the least number of points in this category. Moreover, DataGroup and Adamant did not agree to introduce the amendments regarding terms of payment upon the client’s request, along of what they scored 0 points in the category «Flexibility of the agreement contents».

GigaCloud got the highest score in the category «Technical part and testing» for the user autonomy in the system, assistance with the setting up, DevOps availability in the support, API availability, possibility of managing the infrastructure by means of orchestraters, availability of the user manuals as well as softskills. Thuswise, we took second place in the category. De Novo, Parkovyi, Tet Cloud and DataStore came to be at the first place.

DataGroup, Cosmonova and Adamant were the outsiders. Despite the promptness of the test period granting and medium user autonomy level, DataGroup got 0 points for the lack of a user manual, API and possibilities of the infrastructure management and a low commitment level of the technical support. Cosmonova and Adamant received good scoring for the technical support quality and medium user autonomy level. However, they got no points for all the other items.

In total GigaCloud gained 44 points in all categories which allowed them to take the premier in the rating of the cloud operators in Ukraine.

It is to be recalled that in 2021, GigaCloud became the best cloud operator in Ukraine by a significant margin.