The new partnership aims to make no-code and CRM implementation as seamless as possible thanks to the GigaCloud expertise in cloud infrastructure

GIGACLOUD Warsaw, Poland — April 12, 2024 GigaCloud today announced its partnership with Creatio, a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom. GigaCloud is a European cloud provider with over 1,500 clients. The partnership offers Creatio’s customers a variety of cloud deployment options tailored to meet their specific needs.

GigaCloud will provide Creatio clients with Managed Private Cloud and Enterprise Cloud solutions, which ensure easy deployment, configuration, and technical support. The provider’s expert team will assist in installing all the required Creatio components, managing backups, and performing updates. Any Creatio product could be easily deployed from scratch in the cloud or migrated there if it was previously created elsewhere.

Cloud infrastructure helps to make no-code and CRM solutions even more flexible, fault-tolerant, and secure. And thanks to the GigaCloud approach, allowing it to host clouds based on over 80 Equinix data centers throughout the EU, Creatio products will be easily accessible in any corner of Europe. 

“For over 7 years, GigaCloud team has been advancing our competence in building comfortable and secure cloud solutions for business of any kind, both small and large. Our partner Creatio has also proven its dedication to enhancing the clients’ performance and confidence during digital transformation. Together, we can make reliable cloud products, giving the customers ready-to-use automation tools. In a few steps, their business will get not only a CRM system, but also a cloud, where they could scale up their projects in a matter of minutes,” — said Anton Khvastunov, Co-founder & CBDO at GigaCloud.

Creatio provides its customers with the freedom to own their automation. It is delivered through the unique no-code composable architecture that, in Creatio’s opinion, establishes a new era in business automation. All Creatio products are powered with composable Quantum architecture. With the Quantum architecture, all functionality is available as a set of composable elements. This means that business technologists can use them in any combination to support their unique use cases. By embracing a composable architecture, Creatio empowers no-code creators to seamlessly assemble various components, blocks, and apps to create enterprise-ready solutions that match their unique requirements without coding. All Creatio ready-to-use apps (CRM, vertical apps, etc.) are built using the composable no-code approach. 

“At Creatio, we are dedicated to continuously growing our partner community. This commitment stems from our belief in providing our clients with an extensive array of choices in partners and solutions. By fostering a broad and dynamic network of partners, we ensure that our clients have access to the latest technologies, specialized expertise, and comprehensive support, enabling them to thrive in a competitive market,” said Alex Donchuk, Senior Vice President, Global Channels at Creatio

About GigaCloud
GigaCloud is a European cloud provider with over 1,500 clients. The company history goes back to 2016. Now GigaCloud has over 15 petabytes of client data stored, and more than 20 million people use services hosted in its cloud infrastructure in Poland and Ukraine on a daily basis. The provider builds Managed Private Clouds on VMware or Hyper-V. Among its extra services, GigaCloud also offers VDI, GPU Cloud, Dedicated Public Cloud, BaaS, DRaaS and Kubernetes cluster. 
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About Creatio 
Creatio is a global vendor of a no-code platform to automate workflows and CRM with a maximum degree of freedom. Millions of workflows are launched on our platform daily in 100 countries by thousands of clients. Genuine care for our clients and partners is a defining part of Creatio’s DNA.
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