We published the manifesto on our YouTube channel GigaCloud About, in which we encourage entrepreneurs to look at their business plans from a different angle and start building businesses digitally. This will give them the opportunity to flexibly adapt to today’s realities and work more efficiently.

The heroes of the video were the co-founders of GIGAGROUP: Oleg Polishchuk, Nazarii Kurochko and Anton Khvastunov, and the TOP managers of GigaCloud: CEO Artem Kokhanevich, CTO Kyrylo Naumenko and other employees of the cloud operator.

“The idea is to show that the world has irreversibly turned towards digitalization in 2020, says Anton Khvastunov, the co-founder of GigaCloud and host of the GigaCloud About channel. The business was faced with a choice – to master the digital or lose relevance. The time has come not just to transfer critical business services on-line, but to build a new business strategy based on digital technologies.”

Digitalization of business is closely related to cloud technologies. For four years, we have been helping companies abandon ineffective ways of managing business processes, quickly launch and wind down projects, securely store data, and free up resources for development. As a result, we crystallized a new vision of the mission, which was reflected in the manifesto.

“We are creating a cloud space to increase your level of freedom”, says Artem Kokhanevich, CEO of GigaCloud.

Content marketing has become the cornerstone of GigaCloud’s updated business strategy. For its implementation, in September 2019, employees of the cloud operator created and began developing the YouTube channel GigaCloud About, on which the manifesto is published.

“Now there are about 800,000 different legal entities in Ukraine. Only a few thousand of them have placed their infrastructures in the clouds, says Anton Khvastunov. Many companies simply do not know what the cloud is, what its benefits are, and how it will help meet their business tasks. Therefore, we decided to educate the market and tell people about the benefits of cloud technologies. And video content is one of the most convenient ways to make it more interesting and visual.”