GigaCloud is celebrating 5 years since its founding. During this time, the operator grew from a start-up to a reliable technology partner trusted by companies from Ukraine and other countries around the world.

“It’s nice to look back and realize the path we had to take, says Artem Kokhanevich, CEO of GigaCloud. Five years ago, I joined like-minded people who were passionate about the idea of launching a new cloud operator on the Ukrainian market, which would differ from the existing ones by two criteria – a wide product portfolio and customer orientation. Today, our clients rate the level of service at 96 out of a possible 100 points, and the amount of RAM of our infrastructure would be enough to repeat the launch of a man to the moon another hundred billion times. It seems we did great.”

On a birthday, it is customary to take stock and make plans for the next year. And we will not be an exception, because we also want to share with you our achievements and successes over the past 5 years:

  • 1,500 customers build successful businesses thanks to our cloud infrastructure;
  • 300 partner companies host their clients’ IT services in the GigaCloud cloud;
  • we build projects based on four geographically dispersed data centres in Ukraine and Europe;
  • we developed 22 products that solve business tasks of any complexity;
  • we were the first among Ukrainian cloud operators to receive ISO 27001 international certificates: 2013, PCI DSS, as well as the Comprehensive information protection system certificate for two platforms at the same time;
  • we concluded partnership agreements with VMware, Microsoft, Veeam, Lenovo, Cisco and Red Hat;
  • we opened a representative office in Lviv, where it is a part of the Lviv IT Cluster;
  • we launched an affiliate program that became the strongest on the market.

Services, sites and products hosted in the GigaCloud cloud infrastructure are used by millions of people every day. All this would be impossible to do without a cool team. 85 professionals have chosen us among other companies, and now they give a part of themselves to GigaCloud every day. Six specialists have been working in the company since 2016, and the average term of employment of employees is 2-3 years.

“GigaCloud is a team of smart, erudite and creative people, continues Artem Kokhanevich. GigaCloud is, above all, a great team that builds it year after year. GigaCloud is not going to stop there in 2022. We plan to launch new services and improve the services that our clients already use. We will do our best to make it even more comfortable for customers to work with us. We are proud of ourselves on maintaining our authenticity and prioritizing customer needs”.

We provide a secure cloud space to increase your level of freedom.