The GigaCloud cloud provider has recently deepened the partnership with Equinix and now can host the cloud infrastructure at WA3 data center in Poland.

Equinix IBX data centers claim an average uptime track record of more than 99.9999%. WA3 has 2N UPS and standby power redundancy, and N+1 cooling and electrical system redundancy. The location is also PCI DSS certified, making it suitable for financial institutions and other businesses using payment card data. It also has ISO 22301 certification, ensuring Business Continuity Management, and is Cyber Essentials approved, confirming its security and reliability. In addition, WA3 is environmentally friendly, as it uses renewable energy from wind power.

The data center has roughly 1,200 cabinets, and now GigaCloud is among a vast number of its partners and clients, which include, in particular, the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

‘Thanks to this high-tech Equinix IBX data center, we at GigaCloud can now host even more highly reliable solutions, with high availability. Our enterprise-level clients in Europe will soon be able to enhance their cloud solutions by ordering a new option the GigaCloud is about to announce in the meantime. This WA3-based offer will make the most of the data center’s unique capacities and provide security, comfort, and optimization with a favorable price’, says Nazariy Kurochko, GigaCloud CEO.

The partnership with Equinix also allows GigaCloud to host our infrastructure within any of its data centers within the EU on demand. Moreover, we have an option of hosting at Atman, and have recently partnered with OVHCloud.