We launched the S-Cloud 2.0 public cloud which is the first PaaS solution (Platform as a Service) among Ukrainian cloud operators. This was made possible by building a public cloud on the OpenStack platform with the KVM hypervisor. A set of additional OpenStack modules made it possible to expand the functionality of the cloud and simplify the deployment of client applications in it.

“We combined the best practices of building our flagship E-Cloud on the VMware platform and pre-configured S-Cloud 1.0 virtual servers on OpenStack with KVM. Based on this, we developed IaaS solutions for building client infrastructures based on open source software and PaaS platform functions. This allows the user to work not with a clean infrastructure, but to immediately use a prepared environment with configured services for working with computing resources,” says Kyrylo NaumenkoCTO of GigaCloud.

“Open source software is widely used to build commercial solutions by large foreign cloud operators, in particular Amazon,” says Artem Kokhanevich, CEO of GigaCloud. “Our PaaS platform is also built on OpenStack, so it will be convenient for customers to work with it – many services are compatible with Amazon services. However, for Ukrainian customers, not only the reliability of the infrastructure is important, but also the possibility of receiving support from the cloud operator. We suggest how to implement this or that project in the cloud, and perform other infrastructure optimization work. And this is our advantage.”

The S-Cloud 2.0 cloud has no analogues among Ukrainian products and has a more affordable price than foreign solutions. This became possible thanks to the use of open software and the absence of license fees. The affordable price of cloud infrastructure is also due to the fact that we used provider-class servers to build it. In this case, the cost of a unit of technical resources costs the client cheaper than if he were to build his own infrastructure.

S-Cloud 2.0 cloud infrastructure can be managed through the GigaCloud client portal. The user can independently create virtual machines, connect them into the network, configure backup and network screen. A knowledge base and technical documentation for working with the cloud are available to customers, and our technical support specialists are ready to help 24/7. Ordering a service takes 10 minutes, and creating a server takes another 2 or 3 minutes. Infrastructure for testing is released day by day.

The S-Cloud 2.0 public cloud is a universal solution for business and local government organizations. The product is convenient for start-ups and developers. They can independently use the cloud as a testing environment without involving other specialists. “We started building the Ukrainian Amazon, which gives us even more chances to continue to win market share from international cloud operators,” summarizes Artem Kokhanevych.