To make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe the right treatment, and most importantly, to do everything quickly, you need more than the latest medical equipment. A reliable IT infrastructure is important. And the GigaCloud cloud allows you to reduce its costs by up to 50%.

Asklepiy Medical Center is a medical institution of a wide profile. Its name derives from Asclepius, god of medicine in Ancient Greece. The medical center specializes in individual prevention and treatment plans, thanks to having vast diagnostic equipment for the identification and further disease treatment. Medical centers operate in such Ukrainian cities as Zhytomyr, Rivne and Zviahel, in the central part of the country.


For a long time, the IT services of the medical center and the workstations used by radiographers (doctors making X-rays) were located in the data center of the local cloud operator. For the service virtualization, the Proxmox open source system was used.

The functionality of this virtualization system limited Asclepius IT specialists. For example, in order to carry out certain work at workstations, they had to submit requests to the software operator and wait a long time for an answer. Often, the operator’s specialists did not satisfy the requests of the medical center’s IT specialists, which hindered its development and functioning.


IT experts decided to switch to OpenStack and started looking for a cloud operator that builds solutions based on this platform in Ukraine.

GigaCloud seemed just right for the medical center’s IT team and rented public cloud infrastructure based on OpenStack and powered with KVM. It now houses a mail server, virtual machines used as doctors’ workplaces, a website, a document management service, etc.


Migration to the cloud increased the efficiency and reliability of all IT services of the medical center. It became more comfortable for doctors to work and to provide services for their patients.

The cloud made it possible for the medical center to reduce IT infrastructure costs by 50%.

Also, thanks to the transition to cloud technologies, IT specialists at Asklepiy can now:

  • Easily, quickly, and most importantly, independently install and reboot virtual machines;
  • Scale the IT infrastructure as required;
  • Get 24/7 technical support from GigaCloud.

«Cooperation with a professional cloud operator such as GigaCloud made the work of our IT team easier and freed our hands», says Ruslan Hryban, System Engineer at Asklepiy Medical Center. «While we used to spend months solving our problems, now it is enough to simply call the technical support service, and the operator’s specialists will take care of our requests of any complexity».